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Brain Tumor; Symptoms, Causes, Natural Cures

10.08.2016 12:01 PM | No Comments

  Taking up space within the skull, a brain tumor can interfere with normal brain activity, increasing pressure in the brain, shifting the brain or pushing it against the skull. It may also invade and damage nerves and healthy...

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Atrial Fibrillation

08.08.2016 2:52 PM | No Comments

Atrial Fibrillation   Overview A heart condition which causes irregular and often abnormally fast heart rate, atrial fibrillation affects about 10% of people aged over 75. To put it into context, a normal heart rate should be between 60...

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07.08.2016 6:37 PM | No Comments

Anaemia; Symptoms, Causes, Natural Treatment   Overview Anaemia is a condition where the amount of hemoglobin in the blood is below the normal level, or there are fewer red blood cells than normal. It’s worth noting the different types of...

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